Pull up a chair.
You’re welcome at our table.

At Emily’s Eatery, you’re family.

Family means we greet you at the door with a warm welcome. Family means we only prepare home-cooked meals that we’re proud of – and won’t serve you a plate unless it’s perfect. Family means when you’re with us, you’re home.

We do this because we care. We do this because it’s what Emily would do.

Back in the 1920s, Emily Erickson was a local legend in Knife River, a community named after the picturesque river winding through town. Knife River was known as “Mokimani Zibi” in Ojibwe due to sharp stones found in the mesmerizing river’s bed and on its banks.

Emily immigrated to the North Shore from Norway on her own, at a young age, and built a lasting legacy for herself in Minnesota. Known for her extensive community involvement in Knife River and generous heart, Emily and her husband Sig Erickson ran a general store out of a small building located on the just-paved Scenic Drive where the Knife River meets Lake Superior, now Emily’s Eatery.

Over time, the pair added a kitchen as a venue for church suppers, and living quarters to the back of the store as a resting place for weary travelers. Since that time, their landmark location has been home to a bed-and-breakfast, filling station, post office, and multiple restaurants.

Today, Emily’s enduring, family-focused legacy lives on through our reimagined restaurant.

As for Knife River, the community served as a copper mining settlement because of the low-grade ore available, and its workers eventually switched to logging operations, which were run from the old dock on the mouth of the river. When logging died out, the village turned to commercial fishing and became famous for its smoked fish, commercial fishing and trout fishing.


Emily’s Stories

North Shore travelers and residents alike have long-lasting memories from their time spent in our building. Whether you have a story from when our building was a general store, or a restaurant in the last 30+ years, we would love to learn about your memories. You can send them to us here.